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Hours saved with Bus on Demand – Guaranteed No1 travel times for all your needs!

Dubai: Bus on Demand Dubai Bus on Demand is a cheap, convenient, and efficient method of travel throughout Dubai’s main zones and connecting with Dubai city. It is provided through the Road and Transport Authority


The Bus on Demand Three Location

  • Al Barsha
  • Al Nahda
  • Dubai Silicon Oasis

Dubai Bus on Demand is an on-demand bus service that allows bus drivers and service requesters to communicate through the app to reach their nearest assembly point.
The buses reduce the distance customers have to walk and reduce waiting times. Customers enjoy a better experience because they are more comfortable using them. Because of its intelligent scheduling, the bus is lighter, more fuel efficient, and uses less energy. “The initiative reduces carbon emissions” and lowers the number of private vehicles traveling in the covered areas,


Open The App This picture will see first

  • This the place where All this magic start. click on Search box and type location where to go
  • After setting the Location, you will see this Two Dots Witch one will be the current location, and the other will be the location to go
  • This Red box shows the boundary of the bus that runs. We have to submit it inside this box. The high-level technology Show all needed restaurant and mall in this box. This Is a Box of Al Barsha Location

  • This is the Al Nahda Location This Red box shows the boundary of the bus that runs.

  • This is the Dubai Silicon Oasis Location. This Red box shows the boundary of the bus that runs. You cannot take Bus From Al Barsha and go other Two locations


Sometimes You Can Travel Free By Bus on Demand. After 1 or 2 Rides, You can see in the Picture. You will get a notification From RTA About free.
Sometimes they remove this offer when you try

Soon there will be Video about how to use a Nol Card to pay and add a credit card.


Coming soon Video

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