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Dubai’s Low Gold Price Draws Interest from Immigrants In Deira Souk

Gold rate in dubai :Dubai Gold Souk is among the world’s most distinctive gold markets around the globe that.Has some of the highest priced prices in the world. It is possible to bargain and negotiate with sellers, which is an unforgettable experience in Dubai Deira Souk. Several shops can design unique as per request designs for sale and offer precious stones and gems.

gold rate in dubai

It is located at the creek’s edge in middle of Old Dubai. This market is known for selling precious stones and silver. While you may see some vendors selling bags , this is. The best place in the UAE to purchase silver more than 400 gold sealers can be found in the souk. Some shops have been open for 40 years, while others were only opened a few months.

gold rate in dubai

Al Ross Station on the Green Line, 5 minutes walk from Metro Station.

gold rate in dubai

To reach Gold Souk need to catch the Metro green line.

gold rate in dubai

Most shops charge per kilogram, others per karat. It’s easier to find great deals on jewellery in this shop than at any of the mall shops. Every visitor to Dubai should visit the Gold Souk at minimum once. It is the oldest of the old souks and has been going strong for nearly 100 years. Today’s souk sellers tell us stories about their childhoods and how they took over from their fathers. There’s something for everyone in every corner.

gold rate in dubai

The Gold Souk is the home of the world’s heaviest jewelry item that is it’s the Najmat Taiba which is also known as Star of Taiba. The massive ring weighs 314g short of the weight of 57kg and is set with 5.17 kilograms worth of Swarovski stones. The ring is certified by the World Gold Council, the rings is made from Taiba Gold and Jewellery of Saudi Arabia also has a certificate from the Guinness Book of Records certifying its gold weight. It’s worth about Dh2.2million.

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The Gold Souk is the home of the world's heaviest jewelry item that is it's the Najmat Taiba which is also known as Star of Taiba.

Al Ras Deira metro Station

It is highly recommended to use the metro or taxi. Don't take your car, and attempt to park it nearby.

Although the majority of stores are independent and may be closed and open whenever they wish, most times, stores are open from 10am to 10 pm. Some stores will be closed from 1pm and 4pm.

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